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Culture & Vibe
Learning and execution are our core cultural values. Passion is our identity, and innovation is our target. Transformation is our achievement.
“Learn fast, fail fast, and win fast” is our motto
Our transition
From just three computer science graduates to 20+ Blockchain experts. We are a bootstrapped company racing towards the top Blockchain companies in the world. Witness us.
Our Team
Our ever-enthusiastic team who walked into Vitwit as freshers with loads of interest in disruptive technology took a deep dive into any technologies they were pointed to. The team has grown along with the company and has gained solid experience in technologies. We are the pioneers in exploring the cosmos and learning it all by ourselves.
A team that is equally dedicated as much as us is rare to find. We are always assured of the best outcomes. We as team share loads of fun as equal to knowledge sharing. Our team outing experience reached the sky. A day in the office is never a boring or dull day.
We are a young diversified team demographically as well as personality. Every person in the team is welcome to bring their perspectives which helps us to see through things in different dimensions.
Our Founders
Lingamurthy Madaraboina
Co-founder & CEO
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Anilkumar Kammari
Co-founder & CTO
As a CTO, Anil helped a number of projects with solution designing, architecture, and scaling. Started his career as a full-stack developer, built an interest in AI, Blockchain. He was working on an Edutech project before fully moving into the blockchain. A strong believer in technology and passionate about agritech.